Discovering Strengths

At Summer’s, we look at what the child can do, not what the child cannot do.

Standardised Assessments

We provide assessments using standardised tests such as CELF-P2, CELF-4, PLS and GFTA. The aim is to compare your child’s abilities to that of other children of his/her age.

Non-standardised Assessments
We also provide assessments using our in-house assessment framework. Areas of assessment include pre-linguistics skills, communication, receptive and expressive language, speech, social skills and feeding skills. The aim is to identify your child’s strengths as well as areas of needs.


Practical & Relevant

At Summer’s, we work on the most functional skills.

Individual Sessions

Each session is typically an hour, once or twice a week. It focuses on very specific skills.

Group Sessions

Each session is an hour, weekly or fortnightly, in a group of 3-4 children, working mainly on language and social skills.


Timely Guidance

At Summer’s, we give the best advice. Wherever you need.

Clinical Consultation

We provide ad-hoc consultation sessions for both local and overseas children. The focus is to provide a home plan for caregivers to follow-up at home.

Administrative Consultation
We also provide consultation for organisations/companies which require advice and guidance for the development of their therapy services.


Holistic Growth

At Summer’s, we want your child to succeed in all areas of his/her life. Wherever you need.

Therapy Sessions

Therapy sessions may be held in school and/or educational center depending on the needs of your child. The aim is to help your child generalise his/her newly learnt skills at school and/or center.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

It usually takes about an hour, with the sharing of your child’s progress in therapy, forward plans and recommendations to support your child in class.

Observational and Sharing Sessions

It usually takes at least two hours, with an hour of child observation in class and an hour to team meeting to share observations and recommendations to support your child in class.


Empowering You

At Summer’s, we love to show you what we do, so that you can be your child’s best therapist. Wherever you need.

We provide both local and overseas trainings. We cover a wide range of topics, and the teaching methods vary accordingly to ensure optimal learning.

We also customise trainings to suit your needs, as long as it is within our professional abilities. It can be for a small group of parents or large group of staff from an organisation/company.

Clinical Supervision

enabling professionals

At Summer’s, we want to contribute to the future of the helping profession. Starting right at our home… our Singapore.

Summer’s provides supervision for both students and practising therapists.

For Students

We follow the guidelines provided by their respective universities.

For Newly Qualified Therapists

We follow the AHPC supervisory framework strictly.

For Other Practising Therapists

We employ Summer’s in-house supervision framework.


Transcending Distance

At Summer’s, we try all ways to support you and your child. Wherever you need.

Telepractice is the application of telecommunications technology such as Zoom and Skype to the delivery of speech therapy services at a distance by linking the therapist to you and your child for assessment, intervention and/or consultation.

Like any assessment, therapy or consultation session, a telepractice session will be an hour. It can be once or twice a week, or it can be at an ad-hoc basis, depending on the needs and suitability of your child.