A three series publication
Speech, Language and Social Skills.

Meet the Creators

Sing-To-Talk is the brain child and heart work of Speech Therapist Sum Hui Ting and Music Therapist Jenny Lee. The two therapists met in 2008 when they were working together in a special school in Singapore.

Hui Ting was looking for new and fun ideas to help children learn speech, language and social skills, while Jenny was exploring what else music can do. When they met, many lightbulbs were lit and the rest is history…

In case you have not guessed it, Hui Ting created the characters in the books, and Jenny wrote the songs. Together, they came up with the theme, lyrics and story lines.

Sum Hui Ting

Speech Therapist

Practicing Speech Therapist registered under the Allied Health Professions Council Singapore.

Bachelor of Social Work and Psychology (NUS, Singapore)
Bachelor of Speech Pathology (La Trobe, Melbourne, Australia)

Sum Hui Ting has nearly 13 years experience in the special needs sector, with a passion in children with delayed speech and feeding difficulties.

Jenny Lee

Music Therapist

Practicing Music Therapist registered in New Zealand.

Master in Music Therapy (New Zealand School of Music)

Jenny has experience working in both Singapore and New Zealand in the special education setting. She is passionate in helping children with Autism reach their potentials. She is also a strong believer in team work with a keen interest in Floortime and sensory integration.

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